Skin Pack machines:

Skin Packaging : The investment in a Skin Packaging machine is modest, with a low operation cost. Very little technical skill is required to operate these machines.
A preprinted board forms the advertising display of a skin pack

Machine operation:

The specially prepared board, with the products to be packed, is placed into the skin pack machine either manually or automatically (depending on the type of machine used)

Thermoplastic film is clamped in position above the board and is then heated. The machine applies the vacuum and the softened film (skin) moulds itself over the merchandise and seals itself to the card.

To enable the maximum number of articles to be packed per cycle, large boards are used, usually the machine table size. The boards are then cut up into unit packs by either the roll cutter or the guillotine

The strong film and board bonding are great deterrents against pilferage at the point of sale and the resultant pack is attractive, guaranteeing maximum impact on display. The skin pack has proved the best method for increasing retail sales of many products.