“L” Sealers

The bHg range of sealers include the L sealer, MO32, MO22, and L4560, thus embracing a wide variety of pack sizes, from a postage stamp to an item up to 800mmx800mm.Aditionally, custom built machines tailored to a customer’s exact requirements are also available.

Starpak - Possible Layout Options

Machine Operation

When operating this kind of machine, the product is manually placed inside the machine, into a center folded film. When the L shaped sealin bar is depressed, the seal cycle is initiated.

Starpak - PRINCIPLES OF Starpak “L” Sealer model L4560

Optional Extra’s

As an optional extra, a shrink tunnel with gravity exit conveyor may be added to the machine.

Starpak shrink tunnel model CF400T

Exit Transfer Conveyor


Examples of products packed on “L” sealers with tunnels include:

-CD’s and DVD’s

-Egg trays

-Engine gaskets



-Promotional gifts such as books, caps and pens

-Pharmaceutical products