A) Belt Infeed

For products in trays or boxes

Trays or boxes are fed onto the rubberised belt infeed conveyor of the sleeve wrapper.The infeed conveyor transfers the packs through the curtain of shrink film and onto the outfeed belt situated on the other side of the seal bar. This operation automatically determines the length of film needed to sleeve wrap the product. The sealbar is then energized initiating the seal cycle.On completion of the sealing cycle, the outfeed conveyor is activated and drives the trays onto the shrink tunnel conveyor where it is passes through the heat chamber and allows the shrink film sleeve to be shrunk tightly arount the pack. The packs finally pass under a high speed cooling fan anddischarges onto a gravity exit roller conveyor.

Shrink wrap boxes
Belt feed shrink wrapper

B) Flightbar Models

The product is fed from the upstream equipment and regimented into lanes by means of a positive lane divider (depending on product shape) or agitator (for round containers). The product fill the lanes and the respective collator assembly selected for the appropriate pack pattern.

The required pack collation will release into the flightbar pick-up area, where it will be transferred between guide rails, through the sleeve wrapping and sealing station.

The seal is automatically activated and as the cycle is repeated. The pack will then pass through the heat chamber where the film would be tightly shrunk around the packs.The pack is now ready to be manually or automatically palletised

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