Machines for the Egg Packing industry

There are a few options to choose from when packing/wrapping eggs.

  • Option 1: 6-8 packs pr minute
  • Option 2: 9-15 packs per minute
  • Option 3: 15- 30 Packs per minute

Option 1: ‘L’ Sealer &  Shrink Tunnel

L sealing
heat shrink tunnel

Mode of operation:

Product is manually loaded into the centre folded shrink film after which the “L” shaped seal bar is depressed and a sealing cycle is initiated.

On completion of the seal, the pack is placed onto the conveyor of the shrink tunnel and passes through the heat chamber where the film is tightly shrunk around the pack

Option 2 – Side Infeed Egg Packer

Trays are manually loaded onto the slatted belt side infeed conveyor of the sleeve wrapping unit. As each tray makes contact with the striker plate, the pneumatic pack feed pusher assembly is activated and transfers the tray through the curtain of film onto the ‘dead plate’

The seal bar is then energised and the tray is sealed in a loose sleeve of shrink film

When the operation is repeated, the previously sealed pack is transferred onto the tunnel conveyor and passes through the shrink tunnel where the film is then shrunk tightly around the pack and after passing through the aftercooling station, will be ready for removal from the line.

Option 3 – High speed Belt Infeed (BIF) Wrapper

Mode of operation

Pre-loaded trays of eggs are manually loaded, from either of the six grading stations, onto the existing common packfeed conveyor, and are transported to a new additional radiused conveyor section to the proposed new high speed, belt infeed shrink wrapping machine. Trays are then automatically separated, spaced and fed onto the belt infeed conveyor of the sleeve wrapping unit. The trays are then driven through the curtain of shrink film and a sleeve of film is neatly sealed around the tray.After completion of the seal, the tray automatically discharges from the sleeve wrapper unit, and transfers onto the shrink tunnel conveyor from where it then proceeds through the extended heat chamber section and the film is tightly shrunk around the tray. The shrink wrapped tray finally discharges onto a section of gravity roller, conveyor and is ready to be loaded into the shipping trolley

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